Aloe ‘Winter Festival’

This large, stemmed plant has green leaves and a rather neat rosette. It produces multiple, branched inflorescences with shortish, thick racemes spread wide over the canopy of the plant. This happens during the mid to late winter months.

The buds are orangy-red in colour, changing gradually to a very pale pastel orange as the flowers grow and open. This creates an eye-catching two-tone effect.

Stem or trunk growth starts after the second or third flower season, but this could slow down if the rosette divides. Of course the upside of a rosette division is a much improved flowering display. Stem shoots are rare but should be removed to improve the flowering of the plant. ‘Winter Festival’ does best in open planting, but can be used as a container subject provided it is given enough space.

Best recorded flowering display from a single rosette: 3 inflorescences with a total of 27 large racemes.

Updated 7 June 2016. Updated 10 June 2017