Aloe ‘Zirconium’

This little aloe cultivar produces what is one of the whitest flowers one will see on an aloe. ‘Zirconium’ can flower from early winter to spring, thanks to an important characteristic: Consecutive inflorescences. Even when there is peak during the flower period, there always seems to be an early (or late) inflorescence that enhances the flowering time. Larger inflorescences are often branched and could have very long racemes.

The stem-less plant has upturned, green leaves, lined with smallish dark-tipped spines, making for a neat appearance. Stem shoots do not occur very often, but a mature plant may divide its rosette.

‘Zirconium’ will do well in a pot of around 8 liters, and although it has not been tested in open planting it could be happy there as well, seeing that the plant is not too soft.

Uploaded 24 June 2016.