Our Sunbird Aloes (SbA) Aloe selection tool 


We often have discussions with our clients about “How to design a garden with Aloes as a feature”.  Some of our clients arrive at the nursery with a list of plants they are interested in, even itemising the size, colour and flowering times.

It is therefore fitting that we introduce a new tool which can assist you with your selection of aloe cultivars, based on your unique criteria, to either complement an existing or start a new planting. The many different aspects of our Sunbird Aloes hybrids like colour, adult size of the plant, flower time, frost tolerance and growth style all come into play when planning a water-wise garden.

Our current website catalogue allows you to select by flower colour and/or plant size by filtering on the parameter(s) of your choice. The filter does not include flowering period, flowering month , frost tolerance, growth style or average dimensions, even though all this information is available on the detail page of each plant.

The SbA Aloe selection tool is a Microsoft XLSX (Excel) sheet that can be downloaded (PC or Laptop or Notepad recommended). The tool adds new dimensions to your selection process, all in one view. You can make use of the rich functionality in Excel by filtering on a number of options at any one time or in combination. The tool contains small images of each plant, but it also contains links to the website catalog pages, where you can find more detailed information and larger images of each plant. You can print your selection by using built-in Excel functionality. For those of you that are not so familiar with MS Excel, we’ve added an extra sheet to the tool with explanations on how to use the filtering functions (you will notice 2x tabs at the bottom of the Excel sheet)

Click here to download the SbA Aloe selection tool (remember to enable editing in Excel if you want to use the filtering functionality)

Updated  24 May 2024