Aloe ‘Bushveld Beauty’

This medium-sized, stemless aloe cultivar will delight with its copious supply of red-to-white racemes. These are borne on multiple inflorescences and can last from midwinter to spring. As with all bi-coloured aloes the two-tone effect is created by deeper coloured flower buds (in this case red) that turn lighter in colour as the flowers open (in this case white).

The neat, greenish grey plant does not produce stem shoots, nor does it readily divide its rosette. This predictable habit makes it desirable as a pot/container subject. It is equally at home towards the front of the rockery or in a landscaping design. Its suggested companion aloe is Aloe ‘Borealis’ which will provide contrasting and complementary colour.

The leaves are lined with pale, brown tipped spines.

Posted 24 April 2019.