Aloe ‘Dednam Grand’

An umbrella of up to 160 bright orange coloured racemes spans over this massive aloe in winter. It is equally known for its stunning flower display and its neat and well-structured, grey-green plant.

Tall-stemmed specimens are rare as the rosette is usually simply too bulky to lift off the ground. Older specimens tend to have a trunk that trails along the ground. The plant sometimes produces stem shoots from below the rosette. In the interest of a clean plant shape and plant health these are best removed. Cut them close to the main stem with a sharp secateur.  Aloe ‘Dednam Grand’ is a wonderful feature in a large rockery and makes a bold statement, either as a focal point or group planting, in a landscape. It is the perfect companion to Aloe ‘Coral Red’ as the plants are very similar. The contrasting orange and red flower colours complement each other magnificently.

Updated 17 March 2020.

Aloe ‘Dednam Grand’ seen here with Aloe ‘Coral Red’ in the background