Aloe ‘Lake Kyle’

Very large and statuesque, this slow stemming cultivar is capable of producing 2 large, well-balanced inflorescences that carry blood red, compact, slightly angled, medium sized racemes spread over the width of the plant. To say that this is a showy flowering performance is an understatement – it is a stunning feature plant in its own right. The flower time is from midwinter to spring – one of the last, large winter-flowering reds.

Aloe ‘Lake Kyle’ is a single stemmed plant with large, slightly decurved, green-grey leaves lined with smallish, fairly widely spaced, dark spines. It does not produce stem shoots and is very reluctant to divide its rosette.

It is named after the large dam close to the Zimbabwe Ruins in erstwhile Rhodesia, around which Aloe Excelsa can be found in numbers. This aloe made a substantial contribution to Aloe ‘Lake Kyle’s’ genetic composition.

This aloe will only reach its full potential on the open rockery or in a very large container. Because it is so difficult to move once it is a large, established plant, extra compost in the planting soil will ensure healthy growth for a number of years. Some strategically placed Aloe ‘Sun Kings’ in front of Aloe ‘Lake Kyle’ can show off the contrasting colours to great effect.

Best recorded flowering performance: 2 inflorescences with a total of 40 racemes. This plants was still relatively young so the eventual count may be even higher.

Updated 18 August 2019.