Aloe ‘Sun King’

Late winter and spring is the flower time of this rewarding medium aloe cultivar. The plant is virtually covered by a canopy of yellow flowers carried on multiple inflorescences. It stretches the nectar season that lures sunbirds and bees to well into spring when other flowers can take over this role.

The contrasting, green plant does not produce many stem shoots. If they do appear they should be removed as this will hasten the division of the rosette – a desirable state that wil enhance the plant’s flower show. It will soon demand more space because of the division and re-division of the rosette. Open rockery planting therefore is the obvious choice for this aloe cultivar.

Many of the earlier cultivars will have finished flowering by the time the flowers of ‘Sun King’ open. Consequently it makes sense to combine it  with other late-flowering aloes like ‘Omega Rose’, ‘Saturn‘, ‘Borealis‘,  and ‘Laser Show‘.

Uploaded 24 October 2023.