Aloe ‘Frosty Day’

This large, stemmed aloe hybrid is a winter flowerer. It produces up to 3 large, simultaneous, ferox-like inflorescences with crisp pink-to-white, upright racemes. In fact the entire plant is rather ferox-like in appearance except for the flowering that outstrips the pure species by far. Its flowers also last longer.

The neat, grey-green leaves are lined with pale, dark-tipped spines. The plant sometimes produces a few stem shoots which should be removed in favour of retaining a clean plant shape. Mature plants may divide their rosettes (the leafy part of the plant).

‘Frosty Day’ is primarily a plant for the open rockery, but it will grow and flower well in a container of sufficient size. In the garden it is the ideal foil for some of the sharper coloured cultivars where its pastel colours contrast beautifully with the others. For gardeners who like the more subtle shades it can be grouped with Aloe ‘Prize Pink’ and/or Aloe ‘Winter Festival’ to great effect. A duo of Aloe ‘Moonglow’ in front of the 3 larger aloes will round off the image perfectly.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 5 inflorescences, racemes not counted, approx 24.

Updated 7 June 2019.